A Look Inside Complete Athlete Formula

Programmed, tested, and refined by Shae McMaster- B.A. Exercise Science, CrossFit Level-1 Trainer

Prepare to experience MASSIVE results in your training with the 42 day transformation program; Complete Athlete Formula.  

Whether you're a current athlete, avid gym goer, previous athlete, or just trying to increase the quality of your life, you WILL find what you are looking for in this program and change your entire life in only 42 days!!

Check out two workouts taken directly out of the program below the transformation!

This program is designed with the most effective strength training procedures combined with the powerful effect of strategic metcons to get you in the best shape of your entire life. this will make you the complete athlete; ready to compete in the sport of life. You will become stronger, you will be better conditioned, and you will feel better than ever.

Unorganized endless conditioning will cause you to lose muscle mass and look and perform worse than when you started. We incorporate strength training into this program specifically to boost your performance and lean muscle mass. 

See an amazing transformation using this 42 day program:

Before (left): 137 lbs. post car accident. Broke my neck and suffered nerve damage and other injuries. I used to be about 157 pounds, strong, and athletic. I was not able to do much physically and quickly became in the worst shape of my life mentally and physically.

Bench: 150lbs
Squat: 290lbs
Clean: 160lbs

After (right): 162 lbs post 6 week workout created by @enlightenedathlete !!! I am the healthiest 162 pounds I’ve ever been mentally and physically. This program has done much more than pack on the pounds and strength. I am a better overall athlete. I can jump higher, run faster, I have more energy throughout the day, I am more agile, and I am sharper mentally as well. This program was a MASSIVE push in the right direction. It pulled me out of a dark place and helped me gain my self confidence back.
Bench: 260lbs
Squat: 415lbs
Clean: 255 lbs
(* Results may vary from person to person)

Thank you to Enlightened Athlete founded by Shae Mcmaster for this amazing opportunity to overcome one of my biggest obstacles. You were an amazing help when I had questions, your program was very easy to understand and really felt like you were reaching out to the individual through your program. Your passion for fitness has the ability to change lives and I’m living proof.
— Satisfied Client: Christian


Following are two ACTUAL workouts taken directly from the program to give you an inside look. This is a perfect example of how we blend multiple types of training so that you see results.

(* Results may vary from person to person)

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Two workouts taken directly out of the Complete Athlete formula

Two workouts taken directly out of the Complete Athlete formula

There are major problems with a lot of programs out there. 

  • Lack of strategically planned strength progressions
  • Lacking in correct workout structure for nervous system adaptations
  • Complete disregard to maximize hormonal responses during training
  • No guidance for warm up 
  • No mention of proper recovery techniques to avoid injuries 

Inside our program you will find the answer to ALL of these issues.

Training should be fun, and using movements that are functional and hardwired into our bodies makes your fitness journey exciting and energizing, all while seeing powerful RESULTS! Using the proven methods of the strength & conditioning science , this program was designed to use the most effective forms of training to produce amazing results.

This program is based off of functional movements like, squats, presses, jumps, and sprints. These movements are not only extremely effective but offer a high degree of skill transfer. They will develop skills and strength that transfers over to the application of sport AND life.

You will be better equipped to handle anything life throws at you; from helping a friend move to possibly having to outrun a rabid dog!

-Gain access to a FREE complete Mobility Manual to increase flexibility, and speed the results of this program

-Receive E-mail access to the guidance and support of the Enlightened Athlete team

-Increase Strength and Speed

-Lose Body Fat

-Gain Lean Muscle Mass

-Increase Explosive Power 

-Reduce Injuries

-Recover From Previous Injuries

(* Results may vary from person to person)

Our goal is to help as many people as possible reach their health and fitness goals and live a more fulfilled life. We want you to SUCCEED and will be with you every step of your experience with Complete Athlete Formula offering guidance and support.

What are you waiting for?!

Everyday you wait is another day you are missing out on the fullest experience of living an enlightened and empowered life! You have the power to choose what your future is going to look like by developing yourself physically and mentally.