Sports Performance Program

Enlightened Athlete Gym has the best, most comprehensive athletic strength and conditioning programs in central Nebraska. Our coaches hold at minimum a Bachelor’s degree and are certified by nationally recognized strength and conditioning associations.

Our sport specific programming incorporates the latest science backed methods to create a bigger, stronger, faster athlete, while also making injury prevention a priority. We use a long term approach to develop athletes both physically and mentally and to prepare them for the high school, college, or professional level of sports.

What Does A session look like?

A typical group training session would be structured as follows: Athletes would arrive and be briefed in detail about what the day’s workout will entail. Technique review or introduction to new technique would be presented to ensure athletes are performing the movements safely. The athletes would then begin the dynamic warm up.

After warm up is completed the main portion of the workout ensues.  Every workout is a piece of a long term, periodized program that is focused on building elite athleticism. Sessions typically last 1.25 hours and conclude with a cooldown optimized for recovery.

Our Elite Programming Incorporates Aspects Of:

  • Dynamic warm up

  • Speed and Agility Drills

  • Flexibility and Mobility Drills

  • Core Strengthening Exercises

  • Olympic Weightlifting Movements

  • Auxiliary and Injury Prevention Exercises

  • Nutrition Guidance

We implement this program in what we call blocks. Initially there is a minimum commitment of at least one block. Each block lasts 4 months and includes three workouts a week. Blocks are organized as follows: 4 months; options of 8 or 12 months available.

One-on-one sessions available upon request.

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