One of the quickest ways to lose out on the fullest experience of life is not prioritizing mental and physical well-being. Here at Enlightened Athlete we strive to provide you with top resources, tools, tips, and actionable strategies to set you on the path to health and wellness.

Owner & Head Coach Shae McMaster, B.A., CSCS

Owner & Head Coach Shae McMaster, B.A., CSCS


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Group Class Schedule

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Our group classes…

Will teach you how to move pain free and show you the importance of injury prevention & structural integrity (Posture, correcting muscular imbalances, properly functioning core). In our classes we utilize many different training modalities ranging from resistance training, body weight training, interval training, aerobic training, plyometrics, and even isolation exercises. Every movement we perform is modifiable to fit your current physical ability. These classes are suitable for a first time gym goer or hard charging athletes. 

We offer workout programming, developed by Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Shae McMaster, BA Exercise Science, CSCS, CF-L1. Based on scientific principles to deliver you the best results of your life. If you'd like to try out a class schedule your free trial workout today!

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