Indifference Has No Place Here

Indifference has no place here. I have no time for indifference in my life anymore. There is no utility in it.

I have been indifferent in prior years and still on some occasions, I truly do not have much of an invested opinion. There is a warning that must accompany indifference in any situation. If you become too familiar with it, your ability to decisively make decisions weakens.


Think of it as a muscle. You stop using that muscle, it inevitably finds itself in an unconditioned state. Practicing indifference develops the habit of indifference. The habit of indifference leads to a lack of clearly defined goals, inability to make decision when the time is necessary, and ultimately leaves you in a state of perpetual paralysis. Carrying on not caring about anything.

If it’s not clear, this should be avoided. I think we should possess the ability to make decisions, to know what it is exactly that you want, and what you need to do to get that. Do not fear the feelings or thoughts of others when you become decisive. It will make those who wander with indifference uncomfortable. Making a strong decision can be frowned upon or looked at as unbalanced.

To not know what it is you’re working towards and having passion for nothing is what seems unbalanced to me.

To not know what it is you’re working towards and having passion for nothing is what seems unbalanced to me.

Practice making decisions, simple ones at first. Offer solutions instead of suggestions. Decide where you and your spouse will eat, make the call on where you and your friends are going out to. Decide what time you want to meet with someone. Do not allow indifference to let decisions happen to you. Make decisions often and swiftly.

I try not to be rigid with the result of the process, if my decision is not the ultimate outcome, so be it. The point in practicing this is not to get your way 100% of the time but to become better at offering solutions and making decisions.

You will be better at making the big decisions in your life or your business when the time comes if you have a lot of practice with the little ones.

Indifference has no place here.