Nutrition Consultation

Within the realm of nutrition coaching I find two routes most requested by clients. Route One, a detailed breakdown of caloric intake divided into specific amounts of macro nutrients (carbs, fat, protein) per meal based on varying intensity of activity. 

The second is a more relaxed approach where the client is interested in learning about habits of healthy eating, proper nutrition for themselves and understanding food and nutrition more clearly. You want to be educated on how to make daily healthy food choices and eat the foods that bring you the most vitality and energy. I'll cover both of these options on this page and up first is Route One:

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Nutrition Coaching

In this path to nutritional success you will learn how to eat to best suit your personal physiological needs. There are guiding principles that most people will benefit from, but at a certain point you need some individualization. The world of health and nutrition are confusing and contradictory. The research is constantly changing and evolving. In order to expose your path to success we must establish a baseline and evaluate where you can improve and optimize.

Through a series of 30 minute weekly meetings and educational sessions you will quickly learn how to eat your way to optimal health. This plan is a combination of developing a personalized plan for you to enact in your life and educational information about healthy eating.

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