How To Start Your Day Like A Champion

This experimental post will be to the point, and I'm going to ask a favor of everybody reading at the end of this post today.

I promise to provide you with actionable, real world strategies that you can implement in your life immediately. This exercise is going to be something you can start doing tomorrow and continue doing for the rest of your life if you so choose. I want to perform an exercise in self-awareness with all of my enlightened athletes out there. 

If you have never tried this exercise before, I want to let you know it is a powerful one. It will allow you to begin to take control of your automatic thoughts and TAKE CHARGE of the day ahead of you.

As ass kickers and go-getters we need to be able to control our thoughts and what we are focusing on. Too many of us are drifting along letting our minds wander and letting our situation or environment dictate what our minds are focused on. If you're like me, this can drift into negative territory, focusing on all of the bad things as opposed to controlling and focusing our efforts on productivity.  So what do we do?!

Good news, I have a simple exercise to IMMEDIATELY take charge of your thoughts upon waking.

  1. The FIRST thing you are going to do every morning for at least the next week is focus in on what your first thought of the day is. I want you to be conscious of the first thing that runs through your mind. Is it anxiety, worry, fear, or anger about work or other situations? Is it fulfillment, gratitude, or  acknowledgement of your fantastic life?
  2. WRITE IT DOWN- we have to document this to review it or we can't analyze and the end of your 5 days. just jot a quick note before you start getting ready, this can be one word or even a sentence
  3. Review- after 5 days review the 5 notes you have jotted down and take a look at how you start every one of your days. This gives you an outline of how you approach your days.

If you're constantly having negative thoughts everyday, you're probably in a negative mindset right off the bat. 

After the 5 days you are going to continue focusing on the first thought. If it is negative, you are going to replace it with a POSITIVE one. You are going to practice GRATITUDE. Even if only for 20 seconds. Think of anything in your life that you are proud of, happy to have, or anything else that brings a smile to your face. You can even start replacing the thoughts with positive ones before the 5th day. 

Once you practice gratitude first thing in the morning, notice how this positively affects your entire day! You are going to be more motivated, more productive, and best of all happier!

This is how you are going to TAKE CHARGE of every single day immediately upon waking. There will be no drifting for you!

Time for the favor, all I ask is that you participate in this experiment and let me know what you think. It should take less than 5 minutes of your entire week! 

After you've tried it tell me what you think!! You can comment on this post, post on our Facebook wall, get at us on Twitter or Instagram. You can even send me an E-mail at 

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