Avoid Douchebag Shoulders, Lift More & Move Better. [WORKOUT]

I've noticed an alarming trend in athletes & gym goers.

I have noticed a bit of a trend when it comes to new trainees and even veterans in the world of training and lifting. It begins when a young man or woman enters the gym and decides to put together their own program with no knowledge of strength & conditioning principles.

They develop less than optimal workout structure, avoid necessary corrective exercises, avoid things they're bad at, and do the EXACT same routine everyday. They don't understand the importance of having a balanced and functional body. They are only concerned with aesthetics.

The funny thing is, if you have a balanced and functional body, you will have an aesthetically pleasing physique! (I’ve got a workout at the bottom of this post to help solve this issue)

They go into the gym and try to do things they’ve seen in a magazine or on tv once. They have no idea what they are doing, how to do it, or if what they are doing even works. They are plagued by a lack of guidance in their early gym days.

They lack guidance on exercise selection, proper workout routine structure, how to balance their bodies, or how to truly get results.

This can be overwhelming at times and if this isn’t enough to cause the athlete to drop their new fitness habit like a hot potato, they continue on with less than optimal routines, exercises, lack of corrective exercises and results. Eventually developing injuries, pain, and a progression towards the loss of health.

The issue described above leads to a trend of too much pressing or pushing, (bench, military press, chest flies, incline bench, push ups) and almost no pulling! If you are doing a ton of pressing in the gym, you need to counteract those effects with pulling movements.

The lack of pulling causes an issue affectionately known as DSS or Douchebag Shoulder Syndrome. We all know someone that has the gorilla-esque shoulders pulled forward and internally rotated. They can barely get their arms overhead and have never attempted anything in the gym other than you guessed it, BENCH BRO!! Cause GAINZ right?

Nobody wants to have DSS. It leads to poor posture, pain manifesting in multiple different places in the body(shoulders, neck, low back, knees) and last but not least, INJURY. So just going to the gym and doing whatever you feel like is not the way to go.

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I want to provide you with a workout to combat all the chronic pressing I see in gyms today. To do this I created a workout aptly named “Pull Your Face Off”. So without any further delay ladies and gentleman I present to you the Pull Your Face Off workout!

Hit this workout and let me know what you think!

Hit this workout and let me know what you think!