Lean Into The Hurt A Little. [VIDEO]

I love assisting people reach their health and fitness goals. I teach them how to squat, press, lunge, jump, sprint, and pick things up off the floor without hurting themselves. I love talking about nutrition so they stop gaining weight and feeling like they’ve been hit by a bus.

I teach people the importance of a holistic lifestyle and how to maximize their health. They learn how to stretch, why this or that hurts and we fix it with corrective exercise.

Movement and the physiological aspects of health is what I was put on this earth to share.

Physiological and movement education however, is not the full extent of what my profession entails. During sessions, there lies just under the surface, an unanticipated adaptation. Just under the surface of what seems like chaos; loud music, clanging weights, grunting, spitting, sweating and swearing there is a beneficial change happening.

No, I’m not talking about bigger biceps and tighter glutes (butts do get tighter, and biceps bigger though).

It’s an adaptation between the ears.

Along with their physical progress, I watch as people build more self confidence, do something they thought was impossible, conquer goals, and develop MENTAL FORTITUDE.

Mental fortitude is the ability to tell your brain to shut up when discomfort is presented in any form. It is what makes you sit down and do the work you don’t want to do, it’s what makes you keep running when you want to puke and fall over.

My profession requires I have the skill set to be able to bring out, immediately, the potential I see in my clients and make sure they don’t quit on themselves when it gets tough. I must be able to help them discover their strength when the workouts, and life for that matter get hard.

Being mentally tough allows you to handle anything life throws at you, professionally, personally, and in the gym.

I love this part of my job the most. I didn’t know I was going to get to do that, but it’s a necessary component. My clients become stronger physically AND mentally.They don’t give up when it gets hard.

I teach them to lean into the pain, become friends with it if only for a short while. Don't run away or avid it. It’s ok to be uncomfortable. Remember that.

I’ll state it once more because so many need to hear it. It’s ok to be uncomfortable.

Alright I’m going to share with you a video I found to be a reminder of why leaning in to the hurt is useful. I was sent the following video by a gentleman named Chad through Facebook. He’s a fellow self-improvement fanatic and I couldn’t be more grateful for his kind words and him sending me this video.  

It’s one of the most motivational videos on this very subject that I’ve ever seen. It’s long but for your own sake, watch this instead of another fu*king useless episode of The Bachelor. You’ll thank me once you make that decision.