The Enlightened Athlete Lifestyle

What exactly is an enlightened athlete?  

The definition of enlightened: having or showing a rational, modern, and well informed outlook. I consider an athlete anybody attempting to better themselves physically, regardless of the form of exercise you choose.

So, an enlightened athlete then, is somebody who is constantly striving to better themselves physically AND mentally. They are lifelong learners who understand the importance of living a fully integrated, healthy lifestyle.

I have seen that one of the best ways to fully express ourselves and feel truly alive is by challenging our will through exercise. In my, and many other leaders in the health industry, model of an integrated life physical fitness is a key component. Being able to bend, run, lunge, and jump allow you to fully experience your life.

Life is a dichotomy. There is day and there is night. There is good and evil. This applies to your life in the following way. Just as important as aggressively pushing yourself physically is allowing your mind time to be calm and focused. There are many ways of achieving this goal, and I consider it as important as physical well being. Meditation is the most available method that I am aware of. In future posts I will delve much deeper into this realm. (So check back soon!)

I spend much of my time researching all things related to physical well being. Proper training methods, accurate and true information about nutrition, sleep, hydration, strength training, endurance training, mobility, meditation, isolation tanks, yoga, and pretty much anything else you can think of that facilitates an integrated lifestyle.

 Let my obsession help you in any way it can. The intention of Enlightened Athlete is to provide you with knowledge, actionable strategies, and be the most useful resource you could possibly have on your journey to becoming enlightened. 

In the same way we all change and grow throughout our lives, I intend this to grow and change as well. I want to hear from you, what you would like to hear more of or learn more about. Let's shape this together. The reason Enlightened Athlete exists is to help you reach your version of enlightened

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