Nootropics: Where You Should Start

I love to learn about new, interesting, and sometimes controversial products or methods. I find exploring things that allow me to unlock a larger amount of my potential very fulfilling. Lately I have been focusing on increasing productivity, athletic training, and creative endeavors. Knowing what I have been focusing on allows you to understand what I have been using the following tools for.   Sharing things with you that I have found to have a positive impact on my life is one of my passions. Share the love! My goal is to introduce you to new methods so you can explore them and reach new heights.

There are a few key things I have been using for multiple years to increase my productivity, creativity, or recovery. I’ll be covering these methods and tools in the following weeks in a series of posts. Sign up for the newsletter to be notified when a new post is published!


Also called smart drugs these are functional foods, nutraceuticals, or supplements that improve one or multiple aspects of mental function. These can enhance memory, recall, problem solving, and focus.

When I take these I feel a mental clarity and focus that is hard to come by on any given day. My mind feels like it’s fired up and I can really dig into whatever it is that I need to get done. Whether I’m studying, researching, or writing a blog the experience is enhanced by the use of nootropics. On the days I really want to get a large volume of work done I’ll call upon nootropics to power me through and increase my mental function.

This is anecdotal evidence based on my experiences and the results I actually FEEL when I take these. I’ve heard other people describe the same results and experience these effects. All these claims sound almost too good to be true. As we are all aware, the supplement industry is filled with extremely effective marketing and sub-par products. I want to point you in the direction of products and companies that are not bullshitting people and are making quality supplements.

Alpha Brain

The first nootropic supplement I tried was Alpha Brain from Onnit Labs. I had heard about this originally from the Joe Rogan Experience. I heard positive reviews explaining how you could actually feel the difference when you took it. You didn’t have to speculate that it was working like other products, because the bottle says it’s good for “Y and Z”. It’s a feeling that is obvious once you take it. You can purchase all of the ingredients independently and take multiple pills, but Onnit has simplified the process and put them all together in the perfect blend.

The good people at Onnit have ran 2 clinical studies on their product, Alpha Brain. You can find the results and full summaries of the studies on their website. These studies prove the mental benefits of Alpha Brain to dispel any false claims.  Do a quick search on google or social media and you will see raving reviews of all Onnit’s products. I have been using their supplements and foods for a few years and have never been disappointed.

I recommend Alpha Brain and other Onnit supplements to friends and family because I trust them.  I highly recommend that you give Alpha Brain a shot if you want to increase your productivity and mental output. They even offer a 3 month money back guarantee if you decide you don’t like it (This won’t happen, trust me). You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain by trying! For full disclosure, if you use the link below I do receive a percentage of the sales. I would greatly appreciate it, if you are going to purchase from Onnit, if you use the link to do so. I would like to preemptively say THANK YOU to those who do!

Enlightened Athlete Onnit Portal


Kimera Koffee

I am not affiliated with this company, it’s just kick ass coffee! This is a fairly new product that has everybody’s favorite drug, caffeine, and nootropics all in one. I just started using this coffee and I already love it. Kimera Koffee has high altitude coffee beans infused with the nootropics Alpha GPC, Taurine, L-Theanine, and DMAE. If you’re like me, you love good coffee, and I have superb news for you. This is not good coffee, this is exceptional coffee. The taste and aroma of the beans are amazing which is not even the best part.

The infused nootropics provide an effect that is truly noticeable, in my opinion. Having used nootropics before, I have an experience to base the effect of this coffee off of. I have felt the feeling of mental clarity, focus, and enhanced recall previously and can tell a difference from baseline. To be honest I was skeptical at first because I had not seen many reviews about the coffee. Luckily, I was not disappointed in any way. I’m sipping a cup of Kimera Koffee as this post is being typed. You can get a bag for yourself at

I hope that I have revealed the world of nootropics to you if you haven’t heard of them previously. If you have heard of them but unsure where to start, these are top notch companies with quality products. If you are looking to begin your journey utilizing nootropics these are sincerely my top recommendations.

If you’ve tried nootropics before let me know what your opinion on them is and any others you have found to be useful!