Are You Willing To Change To Win?!

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Okay Enlightened Athletes, let’s dig in.

I want to touch on excuses and cop-outs.

I’m assuming there are areas of your life that, after personal assessment, you believe could stand for some improvements. I’m not talking about the attributes or objects you envy when comparing yourself to others. 

I hear a lot about the health goals and changes people want to make. I want to lose 15lbs., I want to squat 400 lbs., or I want to run a marathon.

They tell me they know how they should be eating or that they need to work out and what to avoid. Which is immediately followed up with something along the lines of, “I’m too picky to eat healthy” or “I just don’t like veggies” OR “I just love my bread too much”.

Even worse you tell people it's time to get healthy and you smoke and are not willing to try to quit.

Well, then you don’t fuckin want to make the change that bad do you?!

This drives me nuts! You think losing weight would be nice, as long as you don’t have to do anything.

You’re wasting your time by telling yourself you want this change while knowing you WON”T take the action necessary. You’re engaging in mental masturbation to make yourself feel better by just saying those things.

If you were truly dead set on getting healthier, you’d learn to love vegetables and in a hurry. You’d choke broccoli and spinach down every day if you TRULY want change. This is because you know vegetables will get you to where you want to be.

So, ‘I’m too picky to eat healthy” is a bullshit excuse you will no longer tolerate because it stands in your way.

If you want it, but not really that much, you’ll just keep eating McDonald’s and settling for what’s easy. Making a change is not hard, it’s getting a good enough reason to make the change that’s hard. Decisions happen in a second, once you make your mind up it’s done.

If you’re ok with mediocre results, continue living with mediocre effort.

How much are you willing to sacrifice to achieve success? Can you put aside your distaste for vegetables for a new level of health? Can you stop partying and give up your subscription to spoitfy and netflix, and save it for that shiny new car?

Are you willing make sacrifices to reach your ultimate vision? Are you willing to reach out for help if you’re stuck? Accountability goes a long way.

So now it’s time to put up or shut up in regards to the changes you want to make. I’m not saying give up everything that brings you joy. I merely want you to be aware if what you’re doing regularly lines up with what you say you want. Are your actions bringing you closer to your vision?

Find that vision and reverse engineer the steps you need to get there. 

Marketing companies sell you an idea of success and happiness. Friends and family judge your actions and tell you what THEY want. Acquaintances will tell you how bad your idea is and how you need to do things.

Only you can know what will truly fulfill you and help you leave a positive mark on the world. If you don’t know what those things are this is where the WORK starts.

Some of us may not consciously know what our true goals are. The only way to discover our personal truths is to know ourselves. This takes effort. Massive effort.

It’s time to do some soul searching and figure out what you actually want. Imagine the scenario of your happy fulfilled life and what that looks like. You must know what your vision is. Nobody can tell you this or sell you this, only you can find out though self-examination.

This is not enjoyable and it will probably be uncomfortable. This is taking a ruthless look at yourself and deciding who you are and what you want. Things that will make you thrive and give you energy.

This is not what your parents told you to do years ago. This is not what your wife or husband wants you to do. This is not what friends think is cool. These are some real, close to your heart reasons.

Strip away all the preconceived notions, and labels placed on you b others and decide what situations are acceptable in your life.

You should spend time with yourself thinking deeply about your goals. This might make you squirm and immediately reach for your phone for distraction. Don’t give into the distractions, sit with the discomfort and fight through it.

Some things I do to be alone with my thoughts include, isolation tanks, long solo hikes or walks, yoga, meditation, or intentional self-reflection post brutal training session when my body is flooded with endorphins.

Is it leaving a legacy behind? Is it being the best in the world at something? Is it amassing a fortune? Is it starting a company? Is it being the best father or mother in the world?

Maybe it’s as simple as exercising regularly, creating healthy relationships, or traveling.

The possibilities are literally endless and it’s going to be different for every single person. That’s what makes this place exciting. If everybody was the same we’d be living in the movie Equilibrium.

Now it’s time to take a look at things you’ve been telling yourself and other people. Do you REALLY want what you say you want?