Thanksgiving Nutrition Damage Control!

What’s up my fellow Enlightened Athletes?!

With thanksgiving coming up tomorrow, I would like to start off by first saying I am thankful for all of you! Anybody who takes the time to read my posts just blows me away. I truly appreciate each and every one of you. So, THANK YOU! One thing I’ve found in my life that increases the quality and my overall happiness is the daily practice of gratitude.

What are you grateful to have in your life? Let me know! Reply to this e-mail or hit me up on Facebook, or Instagram.

It could be as simple as the ability to feel the breeze on your face today, or being lucky enough to experience nature every time you walk outside. It doesn’t have to be grandiose each time you practice this. Taking notice of all the good in your life will turn your mood around quick.

Now, onto T-Day Nutrition Damage Control Tips! I made a video that you can find below, I also wrote out the tips quickly for you to reference.



Start hydrating now and then through thanksgiving. Being dehydrated is like poison for the body. For this special holiday with lots of sugar and carbs, my recommendation is ½ your bodywiehg tin ounces plus 10 oz. This gets your body in a prime state to burn fat and metabolize all of those calories instead of storing them as fat.

Tip #2- Cut back on carbs and sugars.

You want to head into thanksgiving in a carb depleted state. If your muscles and liver are depleted of glycogen they will be more likely to absorb the sugars from carbs instead of fat cells. We’re looking at mostly fats and proteins today before the big feast.

Tip #3- Digestive enzymes and probiotics.

You’ve gotta get these into your system ASAP. You can buy probiotic products at most stores now in pill form, but I prefer fresher sources. Greek yogurt is a great place to start. My other favorite sources are my greens powder I show in the video and GT’s Kombucha, these are also packed with digestive enzymes so they’re a double whammy!

These will help your gut start digesting that feast much quicker than you would without them. A healthy gut biome has been linked to all sorts of positive behavioral and emotional changes as well, so go get some of these STAT!

Final Tip #4- T-Day Throwdown!

So on thanksgiving day, skip breakfast and hit a fasted workout. We’re looking for a high intensity strength session followed by an interval training session or a typical CrossFit workout. Doing this in a fasted state will further deplete your stored muscle and liver glycogen and actually changes the muscle and fat tissue in your body!!

All those delicious potatoes, pies, desserts, and drinks will be more readily absorbed by your muscle cells instead of your fat cells. For about two hours’ post-workout, your muscles are more readily available to absorb glycogen. Before a workout all the sugar you eat is more easily stored directly into adipose tissue (fat cells).

There you go! Those are some great ways to stay on track this holiday season. So, go enjoy life and keep crushing it in the gym!