Holiday Travel At Home Workouts!

Travleing for the holidays? Worried about losing gains?

Hit these workouts to keep the #GAINZ train rolling! (Demo videos for each)

This is the perfect video and post for this time of the year. If you’re traveling for the holidays, your entire routine is thrown out of whack. You don’t have the gym to go to, they may all even be closed over Christmas. These times are when you need quick, effective workouts. Quick warm up, less than 20-minute workout, and end up a little bit more fit than when you started.

We’re all human and sometimes you just require a day to recover mentally and physically. Nothing wrong with that BUT, here’s where I see people fall off. One day becomes three, then a week, then months. You can’t let daily excuses completely derail your health and wellness.

Maybe you travel for work all the time or are traveling for the holidays. You still gotta get it in though, right!? This is where having a functional body and at home workouts come in super friggin’ handy!

Not having time to hit the gym is no longer a valid excuse, you will not accept it in your life. That’s how you start to see the results you want to see.

As luck would have it, your body is a superb fitness machine all by it’s lonesome. Can you guess where I’m headed with this?  That’s right; at-home workouts! I’m going to give you three at-home workouts that will be 20 minutes or less. So, no excuses that you haven’t the time to crush a workout.

These are going to be workouts that will not only burn fat but will help you build muscle. So no matter what your goals are, these workout will keep headed to the fucking mountain top of success!!

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Let’s dig in!!

Workout #1

10 squats, 8 burpees EMOM 11

In this workout, you will complete 10 bodyweight squats and 8 burpees both inside of one minute. The time remaining will be your rest until you begin round 2 at the top of the next minute. So, every minute you will complete 18 reps. Make sure your squats are below parallel and you open your hips all the way at the top. If you can’t get through all 8 burpees in one minute, reduce the number of burpees until you have 10 seconds of rest at the end of the minute.    This workout is an ass kicker for sure!

Workout #2

Every 2 minutes for 12 minutes (6 sets)

18 V-Ups, 20 reverse lunges, 15 push-ups

So the structure of this one is complete all the prescribed reps within two minutes. The remaining time will serve as your rest. As soon as the two minutes is up, you immediately begin the second round. On the V-Ups you start lying face up on the ground with your arms overhead and feet together. From there you will try to raise your legs and arms up together at the same time and touch your toes. Really fight to get your shoulders off of the ground and not just bring your legs up to your hands. On the push-ups your hands should be directly underneath your shoulders. 

Workout #3

5 rounds for time

12 Bulgarian split squats, 15 lying leg raises, 15 Hindu push-ups, 15 squat jumps

This workout will be done working through the entire round and then immediately starting the next round without rest until 5 complete rounds have been completed. Score your workout with time completed and next time you retry it, see if you can beat your old score! Check this video for the explanation of this workout with movement demos!

Thanks for watching! Good luck with these, if you hit them let me know what you guys think by dropping a comment or hitting me up on facebook or instagram. 

If you know somebody who would enjoy these share this with them and challenge them to beat your score!!

Much Love,