Tomorrow Becomes Never: You Need Most, That Which You Most Fear.

What story are you telling yourself that's rationalizing putting your “thing” off?

This post may seem like it's not for you. I'd be willing to bet though, there is something that you're holding off from doing because of fear.

Read this whole thing!

My goal is to push the human potential further along. To help even one person find their "THING".  My vehicle to facilitate this for humanity is health and fitness. It’s one of the best ways to make yourself feel stronger, have more energy, and be less depressed.

You know the thing I'm talking about. The thing that you've always wanted to do. That business you've always wanted to start. That trip you've always wanted to take. That sport or martial art you've always wanted to try. Maybe it's asking that special someone on a date.

Possibly, that week-long trip to the Amazonian jungle to drink Ayahuasca. Ok, the last one may just be me but, you know your "thing".

It's what you've been putting off due to any number of reasons. Maybe you're worried that it won't work out the way you planned. Maybe you're worried what others will say if you start. Maybe starting this new adventure will cause you to lose old friends or break away from toxic relationships. 

I constantly feel fear. I’m pushing myself to achieve more and do more. I’m doing things I’m not certain will work out. It’s all scary as hell. I’ve let fear stop me before and I won’t let it ever again.

The truth is, fear is a liar. It is merely a projection of potential reality that hasn't even happened. You will feel the most resistance to the calling that your soul most needs.


That thing you're afraid of most. The thing that scares the living shit out of you.


Like a magnetized needle floating on a surface of oil, Resistance will unfailingly point to true North.
— Steven Pressfield, "The War of Art"

That's what you need to immediately create a plan for and start executing. Whatever scares you the most is probably the thing you need most to do for your souls’ evolution. Put a plan in place that will get you closer to your goal immediately and begin taking action now!

It scares you because you care about it. Stop holding yourself back and putting it off because, "now is not the right time". All the stoplights in life will never align perfectly with all green lights for you to move forward. Success is cooked up in a dirty kitchen.

Tomorrow becomes NEVER.

Your dreams will go with you to your grave if you keep waiting. 

Guess what? Nobody knows what will happen. I can't guarantee you success or riches. I can guarantee you will grow as a person and learn VERY valuable lessons if you take that leap.

If you're one of the lucky people who had the support, encouragement, and courage to make that leap, congratulations! You're now on the journey of true self exploration and expansion.

Tomorrow becomes NEVER.

All of us come from individual situations and have our own story. Maybe you had a rough beginning but the best part is, you get to write the ending! You will fail. Yep. You're going to run into failures a lot. That's great!! That's where you'll learn. That's how you grow.

I have never been happier than I am now and the actions I took are not considered the right way to do things. There is no right way to do things. 

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