The Enlightened Athlete Podcast-Crush It In 2018. Figure Out What You Want & How To Get It.

As the new year approaches we tend to review the past year. If 2017 turned out to be less than expected, this episode is for you.

Christian achieved his dream job at the age of 21, beating out thousands of applicants, with no formal training in his field because he had an extremely clear vision and a goal he would pursue relentlessly. He found his "thing". 

We dive into how he did this, how much work it is, and an extremely powerful goal setting tool, one to show you what your perfect life would look like (your heaven) and one where you see what a nightmare your life could be if you give into all of your vices and fall completely off the rails (your hell).

This exercise shows you how to set the goals you need to achieve your dream life, and what to avoid to feel regret and disappointment when 2019 rolls around. Don't miss this episode!

Show Notes: 
Chrsitian McMaster -@chrsitian_1320video

OneWay Visual

Here is his YouTube channel

Jordan Peterson's Self Authoring Program

The verse I referenced in the Bhagavad GIta can be found here.